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Our Story

AIM Northwest was founded in 2020 by survivors of domestic abuse Catherine Prince and Kerry Bamber. As colleagues and friends, Cath and Kerry had a shared passion and drive to make a difference for those affected by domestic abuse. Their vision was to establish a charity that tackles domestic abuse, where ‘ALL INDIVIDUALS MATTER’. Men, women and children, whether they be victims or perpetrators. These are the foundation values on which AIM Northwest was created.

Kerry has for the last 3 years continued to dedicate her time to the growth and development of AIM Northwest. 

kerry's story

Kerry's Story

"I was a strong character, 20 years old and in love for the first time."

As soon as I fell pregnant, everything changed. I suddenly became his property, he told me what I could and couldn’t do, who I could see and couldn’t see, until I wasn’t allowed to see anyone. Totally isolated, I wasn’t allowed to work or have my own money. It made me feel reliant on him and completely worthless. Abused, physically and emotionally until I was a shadow of the person I once was. Even though I am from a loving and supportive family I felt that I had no choices, heavily pregnant, spending a night at the bus station in Leigh when he threw me out of the flat one night. Too ashamed to tell my friends or family what I had allowed myself to become. Domestic abuse is a lonely place.

Our Vision

To live life free from abuse or abusing

Our Mission

To provide intervention support for families affected by domestic abuse. Including the abused, abuser and affected children.

To work in partnership with other agencies in the fight against abuse.

To raise awareness about domestic abuse within our communities. Give the victims the confidence to be brave in adversity and report abuse and seek help.

To Empower those affected by domestic abuse to create a safer, happier home environment.

Our Mission
Our Values
Our Values

To work without judgement. We believe that all individuals matter, whether that be the victim or perpetrator. You can come and speak to us without being judged or rejected.

To persevere. To accept, if now is not the right time and to always leave our door open, never turning anyone away.


To allow people to make their own decisions. We believe that those we support have the right to an informed choice and to make their own decisions.

Confidentiality. We believe in providing an environment to talk openly and safely.

To work transparently, we will be open and honest with those who trust, support or work with us.

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