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How to Find Help


AIM Northwest provides support for victims of domestic abuse and their families, both for men and women.  We provide support with the belief that you have the right to make decisions over your own life. We will not tell you what to do, but we will help you whether you want to stay in the relationship or leave. 

From experience we understand that the impact of domestic abuse does not stop when the abuse comes to an end. The impact of domestic abuse can effect our lives and prevent us from recovering to live the life we want to lead. This is why we also provide support for those recovering from domestic abuse. 

We will believe you. We will support you to see what your options are.

Suffering from domestic abuse is lonely, we can be there for you. You do not have to suffer this alone.

If you are unsure whether you are suffering from domestic abuse then please read the list of questions below below.

If you answer YES to any of the questions, get in touch with us for some advice:


  • Are you frightened of your partner or a close family member?

  • Are you being prevented from seeing your friends or family by your partner?

  • Are you being prevented from having any control over your finances?

  • Are you being subjected to physical abuse such as being bit, hit, kicked, or punched?

  • Are you being called names, being insulted, belittled or unfairly blamed for things?

  • Are you feeling fearful, tearful or anxious about being in your own home?

Support Services

Supporting those affected by domestic abuse across the Northwest of England

Prevent Services

Improving circumstances that lead to difficult home environments

A holistic approach is needed to address domestic abuse, one that includes victim and offender support services, education, and community involvement. A comprehensive plan to stop domestic abuse must involve cooperation between local governments, policing support, social agencies, and community organisations.  

NSPCC – Domestic Abuse

Children also suffer from the impacts of domestic abuse and each response will be different and can impact on how a child develops into adulthood. 

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