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  • LGBTQ Support | AIM northwest

    LGBTQ and domestic Abuse There is no such thing as a typical victim of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can and does happen in the LGBT community, and it is sadly greatly underreported. ​ Abuse does happen between a gay, Lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples or can be from an immediate family member, sometimes because you are LGBTQ. AIM Northwest encourage conversation about domestic abuse within the LGBT community. We believe the need for this abuse to be discussed more openly so that those suffering from abuse can: Understand and accept that abuse does happen in the LGBTQ community Know that its ok to ask for help and that help is available Recognise when they may be suffering abuse or when someone they know is suffering from abuse. Domestic Abuse is categorised by an incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence, or abuse between intimate partners or those who are family members regardless of gender or sexuality. This can encompass but is not limited to the following types of abuse: Physical - (kicking, punching, spitting, Burning) Emotional - (threats, insulting, putting you down) Sexual - (forcing sex acts or to watch or take part in sexual act against your will) Financial - (controlling benefits/wage, stalking, or harassing you at work, getting you in trouble with your employer) Psychological - (controlling benefits/wage, stalking, or harassing you at work, getting you in trouble with your employer) Some reported abuse we often see in your community can include: Threats from your partner or a close relative to reveal your sexuality or gender identity “I am going to tell your mum about being gay, its high time you came out of the closet” Your partner or a close relative withholding gender transition medication from you “ You were born a girl, your not having this medication, it’s just a phase you’re going through” Your family or partner threatening to reveal health conditions to others “I’ll tell your colleagues you’ve HIV and nobody will employ you” If you feel you or someone you know is at risk or is suffering from domestic abuse. We encourage you to reach out and contact us for confidential advice and support. To contact us, head to our support page or call us at: Get Support 01942 918 648

  • Prevent Services | AIM northwest

    Positive Change Our ‘Positive change’ service supports those who are single or within the family unit, we accept referrals from men and women who are at risk of offending, are currently offending, or have a history of offending . We offer practical 1-2-1 support to improve circumstances that lead to difficult relationships and home environments, to prevent and reduce incidents of domestic abuse. If you require support for any of the following reasons then the ‘positive change’ service can help you.​ Criminal Justice System Support Financial Wellbeing Mental Health Wellbeing Social Inclusion Housing Needs Or Prison Resettlement Family Support Substance Or Alcohol Misuse Anger Management We offer non-judgmental advice and support. If you are not sure whether you may be at risk of domestic abuse or at risk of perpetrating domestic abuse please see our checklist to help you. Download our referral form and return it to Referral for Positive Change Positive change form Positive Change Our weekly drop-in sessions are ideal for anyone who: Needs a safe space to relax with a warm drink and a friendly ear To use the phone or computer for purposes of work or health For assisted support with accessing benefits or housing No appointment is necessary. You can walk in during our drop-ins; you do not need to be accessing any of our services. Please check our website for up to date drop-in hours.

  • BAME Support | AIM northwest

    abuse and BAME communities. Domestic abuse in the BAME community is a prevalent but may present differently to what we see in the UK. There are more reports of abuse being perpetrated by family members from minority communities. The below are types of abuse we see unique to BAME communities: Forced marriages “Forced marriage is a marriage in which one or more of the parties is married without their consent or against their will. A marriage can also become a forced marriage even if both parties enter with full consent if one or both are later forced to stay in the marriage against their will.” FMJ “Female Genital Mutilation (often referred to as FGM) is a destructive operation, during which the female genitals are partly or entirely removed or injured with the aim of inhibiting a woman’s sexual feelings. Most often the mutilation is performed before puberty, often on girls between the age of four and eight, but recently it is increasingly performed on babies who are only a couple of days, weeks, or months old.” Cultural barriers Being forced to remain in the relationship due to cultural barriers and beliefs. “Cultural beliefs can mean that those in abusive relationships feel compelled to stay due to fear of being rejected from by their family and or community”

  • AIM Northwest | Domestic abuse helpline

    1/4 Our Story AIM Northwest is a domestic abuse charity founded in 2020. We work with men, women and children affected by abuse. Click below to find learn about the inspiring story of how and why we were founded and to learn more about our board of trustees. Read More Seek Help If you think you may be affected by domestic abuse, we are here to help. Please click below to find out more about how we can help. For an immediate response please call us on. 01942 918 648 Read More Support Us There are many ways in which you can support us besides the obvious financial donations that we would be pleased to accept. Click below to find out how you can help to support AIM Northwest. Read More Latest News Keep up to date with all the latest activities, upcoming events, success stories, and new services we provide, amongst other news stories. Read More Forthcoming Events The Harper Brothers Fri, 27 Sept Lowton, 214 Newton Rd, Lowton, Warrington WA3 2AQ, UK Lowton, 214 Newton Rd, Lowton, Warrington WA3 2AQ, UK Share BOOK NOW Almost P!NK Fri, 04 Oct The Mill Atherton, 82 Market Street, Atherton, Manchester, M46 0DP The Mill Atherton, 82 Market Street, Atherton, Manchester, M46 0DP Back by popular Demand Almost P!NK. Kyla Porter is a returning favorite getting the crowd up dancing with her pink tribute act. a show not to be missed Tickets £10.00 Tickets only available online at this time. Reserve yours now! Share BOOK NOW Rocky Horror singalong with live drag. Time is TBD Location is TBD Location is TBD The Campest Cult Classic of all time gets the Singalong treatment it’s been SCREAMING for! Featuring the film, starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Meatloaf and Richard O’Brien, it’s the most outrageous, riotous, kitsch, wonderful romp ever. Share Details

  • Our Team | AIM northwest

    Our Team Kerry Bamber Director Colette Borrill Chair Danny Taylor Deputy Chair Richard Mundy Treasurer Sharon Fleming Trustee Martin Hoolickin Trustee Michaela Hughes-Burley Trustee Cath Prince Co-Founder Paris Wells Admin Support Kyle Barbara Peer Mentor Rachael Sherlock Fundraising Co-ordinator James Bamber Operational Support Dean Taylor Support and Prevent worker Sue Howcroft Peer Mentor Inga Kalmina Administrator Emily Barnwell Support and Prevent Worker Penny Beardmore Peer Mentor Sam Lloyd Web and graphic Development Join the team In loving memory of Hazel Williams One of the founding trustees and former chair, she played an instrumental part in the setup of the charity. Since its inception, she continued to play a major role and made a huge contribution to our successes to date. Her legacy will certainly live on with the foundations she has laid down to help support those in need. She will be sadly missed by everyone connected with AIM Northwest.

  • Collaborators | AIM northwest

    Collaborators cardinal Langley RC HIGH SCHOOL housing care and support Wigan Borough Volunteering Hub Action together Rochdale society support AMSCREEN See Our Partners Our Partners Our Funders Greater Manchester Lieutenancy Leigh Lions Club Manchester High sheriff police trust Wigan Council The national lottery Community Fund Leigh Rotary Club Rochdale Council Aviva Community fund

  • Our Story | AIM northwest

    Our Story AIM Northwest was founded in 2020 by survivors of domestic abuse Catherine Prince and Kerry Bamber. As colleagues and friends, Cath and Kerry had a shared passion and drive to make a difference for those affected by domestic abuse. Their vision was to establish a charity that tackles domestic abuse, where ‘ALL INDIVIDUALS MATTER’. Men, women and children, whether they be victims or perpetrators. These are the foundation values on which AIM Northwest was created. Kerry has for the last 3 years continued to dedicate her time to the growth and development of AIM Northwest. Read her inspirational story below kerry's story Kerry's Story "I was a strong character, 20 years old and in love for the first time." As soon as I fell pregnant, everything changed. I suddenly became his property, he told me what I could and couldn’t do, who I could see and couldn’t see, until I wasn’t allowed to see anyone. Totally isolated, I wasn’t allowed to work or have my own money. It made me feel reliant on him and completely worthless. Abused, physically and emotionally until I was a shadow of the person I once was. Even though I am from a loving and supportive family I felt that I had no choices, heavily pregnant, spending a night at the bus station in Leigh when he threw me out of the flat one night. Too ashamed to tell my friends or family what I had allowed myself to become. Domestic abuse is a lonely place. Our Vision To live life free from abuse or abusing Our Mission To provide intervention support for families affected by domestic abuse. Including the abused, abuser and affected children. ​ To work in partnership with other agencies in the fight against abuse. ​ To raise awareness about domestic abuse within our communities. Give the victims the confidence to be brave in adversity and report abuse and seek help. ​ To Empower those affected by domestic abuse to create a safer, happier home environment. Our Values To work without judgement. We believe that all individuals matter, whether that be the victim or perpetrator. You can come and speak to us without being judged or rejected. ​ To persevere. To accept, if now is not the right time and to always leave our door open, never turning anyone away. To allow people to make their own decisions. We believe that those we support have the right to an informed choice and to make their own decisions. ​ Confidentiality. We believe in providing an environment to talk openly and safely. ​ To work transparently, we will be open and honest with those who trust, support or work with us. Meet The Team Collaborators Support Us Find out who is Assisting us in following our values Meet the team that makes this all possible Help us achieve our Mission by supporting us any way you can Collaborators Team members Support Us

  • Donate | AIM northwest

    How You Can Donate There are a number of ways that you can donate:- ​ Money - click on the PayPal link below to donate- please use the Gift Aid button if you pay tax - the Government add £2.50 for every £10 you donate and it doesn't cost you anything! Goods - please donate sale-able items to our shop - contact Prizes - we are always looking for raffle prizes for events Your Time - See the volunteer page to see how you could help out at AIM Northwest We are currently looking for cash or goods donations to help us support more people, whether it is a one-off or more regular support. £5 provides a peer support mentor to an individual who requires emotional and practical support due to domestic abuse for one month. Thank you for supporting AIM Northwest. ​ Text AIMNW 3 to 70085 to donate £3 Texts cost £3 plus one standard rate message PayPal More Info Crowdfunder More Info Charity Shop More Info

  • Support Us | AIM northwest

    Support Us How We Use Your Donations All donations are used to help run AIM Northwest. Some donations are made for specific purposes and these will only be used for those purposes. General donations may be used for any of our expenses. Currently, these include, but are not limited to: Volunteer expenses Our Website- including support and maintenance Premises in Leigh Insurance Expenses for events Professional services Find Out More Ways You Can Support Us Donate Donate Donate your cash or resources Find Out More Shop Explore our charity shop Find Out More Volunteer Give the gift of time Find Out More Events Join us to help make a difference Find Out More Partners Find out how we can help you Find Out More

  • Our Partners | AIM northwest

    How to Become a Partner We shine a spotlight on those who contribute to AIM Northwest in many different ways, with your continued help we can ensure that we make a big difference within the community. To those who support us already, we say a huge thank you! To those looking to support us in anyway, there are lots of options for you to help out, simply drop us an email to and we’d be delighted to welcome you as a partner. Friends Of AIM Northwest PNP Electrical Services Arnold Clark Community Fund Morrisons Ultimate Products Forever Manchester The Weavers Arms Kualo 3 Retro Admirals labels and print Emtec Climate Solutions Lowton Social Club Vicki McFarlane Chester RaceCourse Nellies Artisan Events The Robin Hood Greggs PWG Gresham Cineworld Wigan Athletic FC MD Hutton Joinery LTD Always Loved Gifts Manchester City FC Leigh Spinners Mill The Pegs Langtern GR8 Sports Nicola Mitchell Mortgages & Protection Leigh Printers See Our Collaborators Collaborators

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