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Peer Mentor Service

Our peer mentor service is a service delivered through a team of volunteers who have experienced domestic abuse themselves. 

Our mentors offer  emotional support to those who, are currently suffering from domestic abuse or those who have suffered domestic abuse and would benefit from support based upon shared experience.  

You can be allocated peer mentor who can work with you on a one to one basis or you can attend our weekly coffee or activity groups. 

Peer Mentors

'Buddy up’ mentors meet face to face with those who require support either in your home if it is safe to do so or within the community.

Peer Support Groups

You can meet others going through or recovering from domestic abuse in our weekly coffee or activity groups


AIM Northwest volunteers help reduce isolation and provide signposting and practical help and support. To make a referral for our service, Fill out the referral form below. 

Referral For Support Services

On Your Side

This service accepts referrals from any person who is, or has been a victim of domestic abuse. 

A dedicated support worker will be assigned to you, offering one-on-one, intensive support. support is tailored to your individual needs. You can be supported rebuild your life with the emotional and practical support on your side provides 

Referrals are accepted from individuals and professionals. To refer to the service please complete the above referral form 

Mental and Physical Health

Financial Wellbeing

Housing and Emergancy Housing

Social Inclusion

Substance Or Alcohol Misuse

Education and Training

To make a referral for our service, Fill out the referral form.

NSPCC – Domestic Abuse

Effects Domestic Abuse Has on Children:
Children suffer from the impact of domestic abuse. Each response will be different. Abuse can impact on how a child develops into adulthood.

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