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AIM Northwest launches new website

6th June 2023. AIM Northwest today launched their revamped website. The new website was developed as part of an A level Digital Media Course in collaboration with students at Cardinal Langley Sixth form in Middleton Manchester. 4 groups designed a website from a client specification drawn up by AIM Northwest. The websites were then presented to Trustees who selected their favourite but also requested the best features from each of the websites presented. The final version was completed by some of the Trustees and students applying the feedback given after the presentations. Not only have the students had a real project to work on for their coursework, but also have something to add to their CVs as they all contributed in some way to the final website.

A particular thankyou goes to Sam in year 13 who has worked tremendously hard to develop the final version of the website and thanks also go to the Computer Science staff at Cardinal Langley who allowed the project to go ahead.

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